Welcome to RECS - Renewable Energy Composite Solutions. RECS is the Pacific Northwest’s wind turbine and hydrokinetic composite component fabrication and manufacturing specialist. RECS delivers state-of-the-art composite fabrication solutions for all class of renewable technologies seeking the benefits of composites – including, but not limited to, on and off-shore wind turbines, and ocean, marine and tidal hydrokinetic components.

Whether you are a new company with a technology still in the research & development stage or an established company seeking to take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing in the Northwest, RECS provides the same level of attention to detail to its customers that made its parent company known as one of the premier yacht builder in the world.

Building on over 25 years of marine composite manufacturing, RECS draws from a highly skilled staff of technicians and state of the art facilities.

Capacity. Our over 180,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space means we have the capacity and flexibility to fit any project scope or size.

Location. Our facility at the edge of the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA, is easily accessible by all modes of transportation, including from our own marina, with two Interstate freeways and close proximity to  Portland and Vancouver's extensive port facilities.

Quality. Our reputation for attention-to-detail and quality production is among the best in the composite manufacturing industry. Click here to find out more, or contact us today to find out how we can help you manufacture precision composite technology components.

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